Promise me you didn’t,
My trembling voice begged,
In denial of acceptance,
Of what he just said.

Oh yes I did, Bitch!

You silly dumb cunt,

Betraying you was fun,

Now u can never run.

Nobody loves you,

You’re a burden to your mom,

Didn’t she tell you,

she only wanted a son?

Please babe, don’t say that,
You know how much it hurts,
Haven’t I always healed you,
Even at my worse?

Shut the fuck up,

Stop crying you whore,

You’re pissing me off,

Do you want more?

Baby don’t do this,
You’re breaking my heart.
I can’t put back the pieces,
When you’ve torn me apart.

Your dad; a corpse,

Suffering in a grave,

You were his curse,

Which he failed to save.

The night is draping,
and the moon is late,
I don’t blame you,
For this my fate.

Trapped in this darkness,
As my reflection weeps,
Seducing rays,
That mirror my grief.

I took a deep breath,
and clicked open the knife,
Let me bid farewell,
To my miserable life.

Red birds flew,
From my gaping scar,
U can’t hurt me,
When I’ve gone too far.

I hum the forbidden hymn,
As my blood turned black.
I’m so sorry babe,
I’m never coming back.

Remember my face,
From the night before,
Excuse the mess,
 ill make no-more.

You shall no longer cringe,
For my painful weep,
For I’m now blessed
With eternal sleep.

© chaos-xd 2016

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