My writings shimmer,

In the screaming dark,

So honestly true,

Like a burning spark.

Stab me babe,

and watch me bleed,

With all that hate,

Gore and greed.

Hear me scream,

In the burning rain,

Ditch me in the oceans

Of blood and pain.

Rip me apart,

Curse my soul,

I don’t need a heart,

To love you a whole.

Let me die inside,

Crushed and cold,

And love you more,

Than eternity shall hold.

Hurt me, sugar.

Let the voices haunt.

Crush me to dust,

All you want.

People will come,

Wishing me well,

To give me life,

And throw me in hell.

Ignore the voices,

They have no clue.

I’ll burn down the sky,

If they stop you.

Normal is boring,

Lavished with sadness,

Let me love you,

With my all my madness.

I’m friends with the whispers,

That haunt my head,

They make me love you,

When I’m almost dead.

My love is wild,

Raw and free.

Watch me burn,

And you’ll agree.

Let him hurt me,

I don’t want to be saved,

For this pain is the reality.

I’ve always craved.

© chaosxd 2017 ▪ hopeful

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