Years ago,

From the very 1st grade,

Did I ever fail,

To be your shade?

Held your hand,

Wiped your tears,

Walked you through

All your fears.

I trod along,

your paths of fire,

Taking the blames,

So you could reach higher.

The vicious bullies,

I helped you ditch,

The times they called you,

An ugly fat bitch.

When I slipped one day

And my skies crashed down,

You watched me cry,

Like a freaking clown.

You helped him hurt me,

and tear me apart,

Enjoying the sight of,

Him ripping open my heart.

When I screamed in pain

And begged you to stop.

You watched me weep,

Burn and rot.

I heard your footsteps

leaving slow,

You left me helpless,

Watching my blood flow.

Friendship and love,

You failed to abide,

Indeed, it’s scary,

what a smile can hide.

So, it is True,

But it’s too Late.

Every friendship,

Has an expiry  date.

© chaosxd 2017 •

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