Her mellowed rose petaled cheeks felt the warm dew drops of her memories. She knew that the fogged winter mornings will be the same with her tears laying permanent on her cheeks, yet will be different, for she will never glow like a rose outside the boundaries of the darkness.

Her heart now a muddled polygon, soaked in doubt, frantically beating, poignantly yearning for relief from this bizzare rage of poisonous torture.

“It was all my fault ma. I’m so sorry. Please remember I will always love you.

..She concluded her letter.

Gazing into the mirror, she realised she no longer recognized herself. A searching stare and the gaping sadness was all that was left of her.

The final bits of the flickering sparks of her pleasantly untouched soul, gently subsided.

Now standing on a stool she paused to look around, knowing for a fact that this would be the last time she would call this room her own. Then shrugging, she slid her head through the shining silk fabric that hung off her fan.

The stool now free.

A jerk and a creak.

Her body froze.

Her vision blackening..

Her body numbing as the noose gracefully hugged her throat.

distractions kept her calm. She gazed at the glowing pink butterflies pasted on her wall until her vision blackened. A wave of compelling desire rushed in. A storm of noiseless fire; unsettled. Unresolved.

Darkness won and she was no more..

© chaos-xd 2017

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