Haven’t you ever felt this emptiness so loud that it could silence the screams in your head?

A silence that can deafen the crickets in the night sky, the silence that can make a cheering crowd sound like the chanting of the dead?

The same exact silence that follows when the last smile fades into nothingness

when your heart no longer feels and your head is light and hollow from the screaming emptiness..

When you have lost your warmth, your charm, your spark and your anger

all you’re left with is just the remains of insanity, dying in hunger.

Was it a love so dear that left a void so hollow

that the ones who came along mistook me for being heartless and shallow?

But this darkness consuming me is the only thing that reminds me that I am alive, that I still have a soul.

You see strength comes from a place.. A place so dark that can leave your heart aching from an eternal hole.

Creativity and depression are two lovers that share the same bed.

Their guilt will choke you break you and make you crave to drop dead.

But hey now the curtain has been closed as the seats have gone cold..

let me just get things straight knowing that this viscous cycle is never going to unfold.

There is no cure for a heart numbed by the burning cold..

a heart decayed and carved by the darkest mould.

beneath all the pretty pictures of what your fantasies have painted me to be.. Remember deep down I’m forever heartless..

forever ruthless!

© chaosxd 2017

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