Early in the morning
When the clock strikes four,
You silently creep through
My bedroom door.

“Get out now!!”
At once, you shiver,
I chase you away.
You hide in fear.

I’ve loads of work,
Now go away,
Leave me alone
Find someone and play.

“Please let me stay”
Your sad eyes beg,
All I want
Is a corner in your bed.

I give you a smack
On your little head,
You trouble me again;
I’ll shoot you dead.

I realise, as you,
Walk away in pain,
That I might never
See you again.

When the lights go out
and the music dies.
When my heart longs for
Your sparkly eyes.

When I’m painfully alone
On the darkest night
When your soft paws no longer
Tickle by my side.

You”ll be dead
And gone one day..
Your purrs will no longer
Brighten my day.

Then is when
I’ll miss you more
Than the entire world
can heal me so.

Oh my little darling,
Was I so heartless,
A little warmth
Is all you wanted.

Even if I love
Till my heart is sore,
And tears to cry
I have no more..

You’ll be gone
Never to return.
Baby, look down from heaven
And watch me burn.20170414_185924_20170415154744483

chaosxd 2017

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