​Aunty Yohani handed me a box. The cardboard was punched and it reminded me of the cheese from Tom and Jerry! Why’d she pack my gift in such a cheesy looking box? I pulled off the Ribbons and looked into the box!  “Open it, open it” Damn, this  woman is more impatient than I am! I looked into the box, curiosity slaying me into shreads and I caught my breath as two sparkly eyes looked back at me.

Oh no! Not another piece of shit.. 

It jumped out of the box and licked my face! Ewww.. that slimy ass crap is now all over me. It’s tail rotated and wiggled like a dying worm! “Tippy has a friend” I heard someone squeak!

No way in hell! The world’s most ugliest puppy was now mine! “Congratulations Riley the sucker-piece-of-shit-puppy owner man” I gave my self an imaginary standing ovation!

My dad tried to sound as cheeerful as possible, not knowing how badly he sucked at it.“Your mom and I were hoping that you and Cyn would like to spend some no-study-all-play time. We’ve planned a two day trip to Venice and aunty Yohani  has volunteered to spend the days with you!”

“We’re gonna have so much funnnnn” aunty fatass Yohani gave the most rapid fake clap and a terrible happy squeal.

Good lord save me! 

My mind didn’t know what to feel. A trip to Venice? I had the whole house to myself? I had to babysit my sister? And PLAY WITH HER?! We don’t usually play together but something about today seemed to tingle my playful vibes. Mom and dad were finally going away.

It felt great to even let the thought of authority sink in. To finally feed my hungry soul that was Avid for happiness. Happiness of my own kind. So I’m gonna have power over this evil sister, who I had lost all my happiness to. The day she was born was the day i was cursed. Her birth had set fire to my ribbon of happines, which sucked away all the love and attention that was once all mine. I could teach her a lesson! Yes!

Mom let out a sigh of relief seeing the smile on my face. My eyes fixed in a longing stare at her smile wondering how long it would last..

To be continued.

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