I felt an icy chill curl up my spine. I won’t hurt her too bad. We’re just playing. I stepped back to gain pace balling my fist. I was aiming at her cheek for a playful punch and a sudden ringing in my head pierced through me. Not again!!! It was painful this time. deafening and loud. It rattled me like a shutter had just fallen open in my head.

I balled my right fist, set myself and slammed a punch at her jaw. Instead of hitting her where I intended to hit her my fist thudded against the side of her neck just below her jaw. She rolled off the table as if she was pole-axed and fell face down. She gave a high pitched thin strangled scream as she rolled on the dusty floor. Her favorite hello kitty nighty now blacked and blanketed by the layers of creamy dust.

The voices were stabbing my brains and the screamed sounded like someone was being burned. I fell on my knees blocking the screams from my ears. It was happening again!  Oh the flashlight part. I hate the flashlight part.  The light was blinding but this time, I looked into it instead of looking away. Out of the blinding brightness mommy smiled at me. She had a bowl of cereal and it was my breakfast time.

I felt sweat runnig down my back and my breath was comin out of my mouth like a hiss. The soft fabric of my shirt was soaked and pasted against my back. Why am I soaked?  I turned around squinting into the brightness. A splash of water hit me right in the face making me jump off my favourite floating flamingo. We were in the pool. Daddy grabbed me and placed me back on the floaty. “You’re only going in the deep end when you can beat me in water fights” he laughed.

I was floating and the images was dripping away. Mommy and daddy faded away as if water was being poured over a wet painting. I had to save them. I stretched my hand to grab onto it but I clenched into thin air. I screamed, cried and begged for that moment to last longer but I watched it slip down into oblivion in spirals like water drained out of my bathtub.

She was crying too but who was she? My head was spinning. My memory completely wiped off. I was slipping into insanity as I listened.. I listened carefully. Her breath was in soft pumps. She was hurt. She was in pain. She was on the floor and I tried to remember who she was. Saddy? Was that her?  Who tied her up in red ribbons and why was she alive? My eyes were so heavy and my mind was shutting down..I guess I’m just having another creepy ass monster vision headache.

“Rye go back to bed and you’ll wake up from this nightmare” that’s all I remember telling myself when the police sirens jolted me back to my consciousness! I heard my moms furious voice break down in sobs. Mom and dad were home. I was wrapped in a blanket laying on the couch. My dad who was too busy  handing over a photograph of Cynarah to the cops didn’t notice me slip off the couch.  Reporting for a missing child? They thought Cynarah was missing and now I’ll be so fucking grounded when I tell them we were just playing hide and seek.

I pushed my way through the crowd into the kitchen. Grabbing the emergency flash light and swung open the back door setting  on a run through the grass bouncing the beams of the light all over our backyard through the pitch dark. The few steps to the hut seemed like the longest run in my life. I suddenly felt a sense of fear which was as creepy as dead icy claws gripping at my heart. I stopped at the entrance. My heart pounding against my chest. “Cynarah.. are you there?” The silence that came out of the hut was like a physical monster; worse than a sound of a voice. I took another step forward, reached out a shaking hand and touched the door panel. The door swung open with a little squeak that set my teeth on edge.

I sent the beam of flashlight into the hut along the floor to where I left Cyn. The beam picked up her fluffy bunny flipflop and a little further her hello kitty nighty rolled up her soft chubby leg. I stood staring at her, scarcely believing my eyes. I could see The Ribbons still around her ankles. I moved forward cold and shaking. I beamed the flashlight up to her face. The silk scarf was still tightly bound around her mouth. Her eyes were half open and they looked sightlessly into the beam of the light. She looked shrunken like a doll. The dreadful Gray waxy texture of her skin told me she was dead.

– The End-

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