When the clock struck twelve,
And they, shut-eye.
The whispers began
The unforgiving cry.

My thoughts and dreams,
In a perfect swirl.
Lost in the darkness
Another broken girl.

When the darkness draped
My empty core,
Spreading the flames
from head to toe.

I screamed; I cried,
Throughout the night
The Diabolic shadow
Slept by my side.

Blood soaked towels
Came out to play,
After the moonlight
Crept out of my way.

Seven years later,
As the shadows flee,
The Queen of Darkness
Is what they call me.

Sleepless nights
A scar from the past.
I sometimes miss the
The pain that lasts.

Cradled in your arms..
Strangled by sleep
I doze off drowning
In this love so deep!

© chaosxd • 2017


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