Tears roll down,
like the piercing rain,
As your weak little paws
Twitch in pain.

In just two days,
So frail, so weak,
A dreadful curse
Of eternal sleep.

Your glittery eyes
Once shone like a flare.
Fixed still in pain,
Now just a cold stare.

If only I knew
You’ll leave so soon,
I’d have cuddled you tight
Till the end of June.

Let me sit by you
And hold you to me,
Until your mischievous eyes
Can no longer see.

Do you know it kills me
To watch your blood flow,
Is this the time where
I have to let you go?

Forgive me, Messi..
It needs to be done,
For this last battle
Cannot be won.

Let me hold you tight
One last time..
Heaven is waiting,
I promise, you’ll be fine.

Please know I love you
Though you’re no more.
I’d bleed an eternity
 And a little bit more.

© chaosxd • 2017

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