A Glimpse of Darkness

cause darkness is my candle ~



The struggles of life in a few chapters!

The Ribbons (finale)

It raged over me!

The Ribbons (4/4)

Let it rage over me ~ IV

The Ribbons (3/4)

Let it rage over me ~ III

The Ribbons (2/4)

Let it rage over me ~ II

Salvation #30 (Finale)

My world revolved in gushes of pain, ripples of blood flashing before my eyes and an agonizing pain screaming from within. Pain not from my ribs being crushed or his hungry claws clutching at my raw throbbing heart, but pain... Continue Reading →

The Claws #29

I thought of all the times she had whispered lovely things to me giving purpose to my miserable life. Oh, How great I felt around her. She tolerated me as I continued to fail and abused her for all the... Continue Reading →

The Deceased #28 

I glanced with surprise into her glistening eyes beaming with love, not a sign of revenge; not a glimpse of hatred. Her messed up chestnut curls framing her perfectly shaped face so willowy; so gorgeous. Her tender long eyes that... Continue Reading →

The Undying #27

I crouched beside his lifeless body, stroking his hollow cheeks which felt as cold as ice, like the flames had miserably failed in it's performance. My golden curls tickling his face, I gently kissed his pale dying lips. "Heyy.." I whispered into his ear running my fingers through his tangled... Continue Reading →

The Heart of Hell #26

The barren lands of nightmares were carefully garlanded with the smoked bones and fresh blood of the suffering. The sombre atmosphere added life to my festive mood. "So Hell didn't look too different from how I had imagined it to be" I chuckled to myself, unimpressed as... Continue Reading →

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