A Glimpse of Darkness

cause darkness is my candle ~



Death •°

I always feared  the pain Of death. But After the flowers  At my tomb Withered into crusts  And the darkness  Blanketed  My cozy grave I realized  That the pain of living  Hurt more than the pain Of dying! © chaos–xd 2017 • None  ... Continue Reading →

The Ribbons (finale)

It raged over me!

The Ribbons (4/4)

Let it rage over me ~ IV

The Ribbons (3/4)

Let it rage over me ~ III

Cradled •°

​His bloodied icy claws no longer groped her tender skin. No more bloodshot eyes staring into her trembling soul. His filthy sloppy mouth no longer drowned her in oceans of disgust. Her pretty little frocks, now safe from bring ripped... Continue Reading →

Drowning •°

​My long lost bird, Empty cage, Is your vicious soul Still burning in rage? If you only knew, This life: a trial, Would you hurt me less Than die in exile? Now you stand, Your record flawed, What will you... Continue Reading →

°• Frantic Echos 

The late evening sun was beginning to sink behind the the lovely mansion that was supposed to be her residence, which gave her nothing but a sense of ghastly uneasiness. She crossed over the balcony, her slender fingers gripped the... Continue Reading →

Dark Nights •°

Dark nights!

Evanescent ▪

- A f f a f -

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