A Glimpse of Darkness

cause darkness is my candle ~



The Ribbons (finale)

It raged over me!

The Ribbons (4/4)

Let it rage over me ~ IV

The Ribbons (2/4)

Let it rage over me ~ II

The ribbons  (1/4)

Let it rage over me ~

Flawed ▪° #3

~ Cause happy angels are too mainstream!

Freedom •°

He caressed the purple bruses on her slender arms. “I’m so sorry I did this to you” He whispered.. “I promise I won’t…hurt …yo..u ever agai…” his usual words lost in the abyss of a lifetime of broken promises, she wasn’t even paying... Continue Reading →

° • Rubbish

Ode to the Haters! ☆

The Claws #29

I thought of all the times she had whispered lovely things to me giving purpose to my miserable life. Oh, How great I felt around her. She tolerated me as I continued to fail and abused her for all the... Continue Reading →

The kingdom #3

My screaming hidden scars demanded all the love and attention from every possible inch of the universe. Guilt consumed me as I knew my mother was my little brother's partner. I couldn't take her away from him.. she wasn't mine... Continue Reading →

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