A Glimpse of Darkness

cause darkness is my candle ~



Burn •°

Early in the morning When the clock strikes four, You silently creep through My bedroom door. "Get out now!!" At once, you shiver, I chase you away. You hide in fear. I've loads of work, Now go away, Leave me... Continue Reading →

°• The Circus

Safe in their cages, The mighty animals sleep, No longer mourning, In their howling weep. Alone he sits, In the deafening silence, Washing off his smile That hides his vengeance. The red from his lips, flows down into a fountain,... Continue Reading →

The Tunnels #10

Few years down the line, fitting in seemed like the best thing I miserably failed at. Making friends was definitely not my price-a cake! Growing up into a twisted teenage loner was definitely not how I had it all planned... Continue Reading →

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