A Glimpse of Darkness

cause darkness is my candle ~



Sadness ○º

   ...and when the emptiness of melancholic solace spreads,  I tell myself the tale of how you never really loved me at all. As I let the icy claws of misery grip my soul and drown me in the waves... Continue Reading →

Death •°

I always feared  the pain Of death. But After the flowers  At my tomb Withered into crusts  And the darkness  Blanketed  My cozy grave I realized  That the pain of living  Hurt more than the pain Of dying! © chaos–xd 2017 • None  ... Continue Reading →

The Ribbons (4/4)

Let it rage over me ~ IV

Drowning •°

​My long lost bird, Empty cage, Is your vicious soul Still burning in rage? If you only knew, This life: a trial, Would you hurt me less Than die in exile? Now you stand, Your record flawed, What will you... Continue Reading →

Dark Nights •°

Dark nights!

The Tunnels #10

Few years down the line, fitting in seemed like the best thing I miserably failed at. Making friends was definitely not my price-a cake! Growing up into a twisted teenage loner was definitely not how I had it all planned... Continue Reading →

The kingdom #3

My screaming hidden scars demanded all the love and attention from every possible inch of the universe. Guilt consumed me as I knew my mother was my little brother's partner. I couldn't take her away from him.. she wasn't mine... Continue Reading →

Darkness falls #1

An overheard conversation wasn't the greatest way for a little girl to find out that her sick dad was never coming back home.. But I didn't even get to say goodbye. What about all his clothes? What will I tell... Continue Reading →

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