A Glimpse of Darkness

cause darkness is my candle ~



Sadness ○º

   ...and when the emptiness of melancholic solace spreads,  I tell myself the tale of how you never really loved me at all. As I let the icy claws of misery grip my soul and drown me in the waves... Continue Reading →


There's a very fine line between being someone's everything .. and being someone's dirty little secret. © chaos-xd 2017 Other mini tales  Messi •° Death •° Insignificance-• Cradled•° .•°●.•°Patterns°●.•. Butterflies Memories °• Frantic Echos  The Immortal Curse •° Dark Nights... Continue Reading →

The Friend #11

It was a regular day at school with definitely an exciting twist. Going to school with a purpose certainly felt much better. As my eyes finally had something less depressing to glance at, I looked at my new friend who... Continue Reading →

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