A Glimpse of Darkness

cause darkness is my candle ~



Kill him, not.

Go back in time Abort him. Save me Kill him not But undo his birth Kill him without Killing him.


​She gazed And gazed, At the maze Ablaze, Her dreamy black eyes Pierced and Sparkled Like hot coals Seeping through An icy facade. Her smile, Glistened And bubbled, And scorched And sizzled.. Setting her soul up In blistering dazzles. The... Continue Reading →

The Ribbons (4/4)

Let it rage over me ~ IV

Unknown #13

As much as it worried me, it also excited me. Much as if I possessed some sort of cursed power to bring death upon everything I loved. The walls of isolation to shut the world out, got stronger with every... Continue Reading →

The kingdom #3

My screaming hidden scars demanded all the love and attention from every possible inch of the universe. Guilt consumed me as I knew my mother was my little brother's partner. I couldn't take her away from him.. she wasn't mine... Continue Reading →

Darkness falls #1

An overheard conversation wasn't the greatest way for a little girl to find out that her sick dad was never coming back home.. But I didn't even get to say goodbye. What about all his clothes? What will I tell... Continue Reading →

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