A Glimpse of Darkness

cause darkness is my candle ~



painting the darkness of life with bloodied ink

Kill him, not.

Go back in time Abort him. Save me Kill him not But undo his birth Kill him without Killing him.

Save me•°

I wish I could  Bring you back  One last time  To say goodbye. To kiss your feet To hug you close  To stop this pain  Within arose. Save me dad You're drowning me In notions of insanity! © chaos–xd • 2018


​She gazed And gazed, At the maze Ablaze, Her dreamy black eyes Pierced and Sparkled Like hot coals Seeping through An icy facade. Her smile, Glistened And bubbled, And scorched And sizzled.. Setting her soul up In blistering dazzles. The... Continue Reading →

The Last candle •° 

When The winds Strongest, The nights Darkest, And I lay Alone, In the core Of the Moonless night, Cradled by The darkness, Smothered by The cursed, Bearing a heart So decayed Where the poison Now frozen, So empty Where life... Continue Reading →


~ insane is the new sexy!

Goodbye •°

Farewell ~


When the clock struck twelve, And they, shut-eye. The whispers began The unforgiving cry. My thoughts and dreams, In a perfect swirl. Lost in the darkness Another broken girl. When the darkness draped My empty core, Spreading the flames from... Continue Reading →


     Among the darkness, Joy unborn,      I smiled through, The dreadful storm.      You're my rainbow, Through dusk & dawn.      And the flame that keeps, My soul so warm. © chaos-xd • 2017 Other poems Insanity... Continue Reading →

Venom •°

As I lay.. Injured in captivity, I float through The thorny fields. Fields of love Fields of flames  Trapped behind The bittersweet games, The raven caws As darkness falls In qualmy whispers  My name it calls.. The comforting fragrance  Of yesterdays venom.... Continue Reading →

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