A Glimpse of Darkness

cause darkness is my candle ~



Sadness ○º

   ...and when the emptiness of melancholic solace spreads,  I tell myself the tale of how you never really loved me at all. As I let the icy claws of misery grip my soul and drown me in the waves... Continue Reading →

Goodbye •°

Farewell ~


When the clock struck twelve, And they, shut-eye. The whispers began The unforgiving cry. My thoughts and dreams, In a perfect swirl. Lost in the darkness Another broken girl. When the darkness draped My empty core, Spreading the flames from... Continue Reading →

The Ribbons (4/4)

Let it rage over me ~ IV

Insignificance •° 

Somewhere beneath the galloping waves, arrogance permeated the skies with unforgiving screams. Warmth wept in turmoil as droplets of melancholy descended in a drizzle. Love subsided into mere insignificance. © chaos-xd 2017 Other mini tales  Messi •° Sandcastles•°​​ Death •° Cradled•° .•°●.•°Patterns°●.•.... Continue Reading →

Dark Nights •°

Dark nights!

Evanescent ▪

- A f f a f -

Beautiful Sin 

When the howling winds Whisper tales of sorrow, And the deafening silence Is all you follow. When the nights are cold, dark and long. And the demons chant The forbidden song. When the stars hide behind The clouds so high,... Continue Reading →

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