A Glimpse of Darkness

cause darkness is my candle ~



Save me•°

I wish I could  Bring you back  One last time  To say goodbye. To kiss your feet To hug you close  To stop this pain  Within arose. Save me dad You're drowning me In notions of insanity! © chaos–xd • 2018


​She gazed And gazed, At the maze Ablaze, Her dreamy black eyes Pierced and Sparkled Like hot coals Seeping through An icy facade. Her smile, Glistened And bubbled, And scorched And sizzled.. Setting her soul up In blistering dazzles. The... Continue Reading →

Goodbye •°

Farewell ~


When the clock struck twelve, And they, shut-eye. The whispers began The unforgiving cry. My thoughts and dreams, In a perfect swirl. Lost in the darkness Another broken girl. When the darkness draped My empty core, Spreading the flames from... Continue Reading →

Drowning •°

​My long lost bird, Empty cage, Is your vicious soul Still burning in rage? If you only knew, This life: a trial, Would you hurt me less Than die in exile? Now you stand, Your record flawed, What will you... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Sin 

When the howling winds Whisper tales of sorrow, And the deafening silence Is all you follow. When the nights are cold, dark and long. And the demons chant The forbidden song. When the stars hide behind The clouds so high,... Continue Reading →


My writings shimmer, In the screaming dark, So honestly true, Like a burning spark. Stab me babe, and watch me bleed, With all that hate, Gore and greed. Hear me scream, In the burning rain, Ditch me in the oceans Of... Continue Reading →

Red Birds #22

Promise me you didn't, My trembling voice begged, In denial of acceptance, Of what he just said. Oh yes I did, Bitch! You silly dumb cunt, Betraying you was fun, Now u can never run. Nobody loves you, You're a... Continue Reading →

Unknown #13

As much as it worried me, it also excited me. Much as if I possessed some sort of cursed power to bring death upon everything I loved. The walls of isolation to shut the world out, got stronger with every... Continue Reading →

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