A Glimpse of Darkness

cause darkness is my candle ~



Sadness ○º

   ...and when the emptiness of melancholic solace spreads,  I tell myself the tale of how you never really loved me at all. As I let the icy claws of misery grip my soul and drown me in the waves... Continue Reading →

Goodbye •°

Farewell ~

Messi •°

As you lay in the cold, curled up into a ragged ball of dirty fur, no longer purring nor playing. Life slowly escapes your fluffy coat. As you close your weary eyes, for the last time.. I lay cozily under my... Continue Reading →

Death •°

I always feared  the pain Of death. But After the flowers  At my tomb Withered into crusts  And the darkness  Blanketed  My cozy grave I realized  That the pain of living  Hurt more than the pain Of dying! © chaos–xd 2017 • None  ... Continue Reading →


​Unhear my painful stinging cry. I shall be chained from my gleeful fly. In my cage I sit alone Singing for you From dusk till dawn. Your prisoner I shall be Because my God It pleases thee! © chaos–xd 2017 • Control   Other... Continue Reading →

Flawed ▪° #3

~ Cause happy angels are too mainstream!

°• The Circus

Safe in their cages, The mighty animals sleep, No longer mourning, In their howling weep. Alone he sits, In the deafening silence, Washing off his smile That hides his vengeance. The red from his lips, flows down into a fountain,... Continue Reading →

Dark Nights •°

Dark nights!

Evanescent ▪

- A f f a f -

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