A Glimpse of Darkness

cause darkness is my candle ~



Sadness ○º

   ...and when the emptiness of melancholic solace spreads,  I tell myself the tale of how you never really loved me at all. As I let the icy claws of misery grip my soul and drown me in the waves... Continue Reading →


When the clock struck twelve, And they, shut-eye. The whispers began The unforgiving cry. My thoughts and dreams, In a perfect swirl. Lost in the darkness Another broken girl. When the darkness draped My empty core, Spreading the flames from... Continue Reading →

Burn •°

Early in the morning When the clock strikes four, You silently creep through My bedroom door. "Get out now!!" At once, you shiver, I chase you away. You hide in fear. I've loads of work, Now go away, Leave me... Continue Reading →


Poetry is a curse

Drowning •°

​My long lost bird, Empty cage, Is your vicious soul Still burning in rage? If you only knew, This life: a trial, Would you hurt me less Than die in exile? Now you stand, Your record flawed, What will you... Continue Reading →


​In the depths of the ocean, In the heart of the night, In the core of the storm And the unreachable height, To step towards the dusk, That holds the cursed spell, To embrace the darkness, I crept into hell!... Continue Reading →

°• Frantic Echos 

The late evening sun was beginning to sink behind the the lovely mansion that was supposed to be her residence, which gave her nothing but a sense of ghastly uneasiness. She crossed over the balcony, her slender fingers gripped the... Continue Reading →

Evanescent ▪

- A f f a f -

Freedom •°

He caressed the purple bruses on her slender arms. “I’m so sorry I did this to you” He whispered.. “I promise I won’t…hurt …yo..u ever agai…” his usual words lost in the abyss of a lifetime of broken promises, she wasn’t even paying... Continue Reading →

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