​Dear Diary,

The greeting aroma of newly baked pumpkin pies and roasted chicken seeped through my dark blue curtains, dragging me out of bed. My ugly Superman clock pointed at half past eleven. It sure was time to wake up, and definitely hightime I got myself a new clock.  

Fatass Sam and Junky Joe often roasted me whenever they came over. “Riley the suckerman” was what I was often called. My parents were drunk for sure when they named me. Who on earth would name their son Riley, ffs!

 A yawn and a stretch is all it took me to shake off the drowsiness that clutched onto me from the video games that went on till after midnight. The pile of undone laundry sat beside my school bag, in isolation as I stepped out of bed and there was Tippy my sister’s piece of shit pomeranian, nibbling on my favorite boots! 

“Get out you freaking bastard.. this dumb dog.. always ruins my shit”

 The halloween junior baseball bat, wrapped in fake barb wire stood against my bed. Snatching it with all my rage I  flung it right at the dog!


The spikes tore through the white furry coat splattering a few droplets of blood, setting it on a run for its  worthless life.

Well now my carpet’s ruined but that’d teach that piece of shit not to mess with my stuff.

It was my parent’s 14th Anniversary and celebration had already begun. The excited high pitched voices from downstairs and the screeching sound of my little sister’s laughter not too different from her dumb dog, deafened my Friday morning and I knew, from the way I felt, that today was going to be another bad day!

To be continued...

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