The only good thing about this crappy anniversary celebration is how it  reminded me of my childhood Christmas nights. How I had all the toys to myself, how I never had to share my favorite water flamingo with her, how I never had to hide my crayons from her, how mom and dad used to love me so much and how happy I used to before Cynarah was born.

They used to love me so much.. 

The familiar sense of hatred rushed in. I felt a sting in my head. Arrgh.. It was happening again. The ticking began. My mind recognised the whispers. It echoed in swirls, the drums louder, the whispers clearer. All in a perfectly harmonious blend. The piecing screams were icy. They hurt my ears. The voices were chanting a different hymn; it was soothing, but it hurt, it was loud. and the flashlight, or was that a flare? Someone was shining it right into my face and they wouldn’t stop. Tell them to stop! No.. wait. It’s okay. They were helping me. They want to save me.
I suddenly opened my eyes.. The corner of my lips curled into a smile. I felt my right eye switch and the house was spinning. This drowsiness doesn’t last long though..

I sat down on the highest step Leaning my head against the polished railings and looked down at all the people. They were all so happy! And me, I was like all these legos. Scattered all pieces. Cynarah’s favorite doll, Saddy,  looked right at me from the toy box. She was laughing at me. Again. I remember how Cynarah had cried the last time I cut off Saddy’s hair. I remember how I cried too. It was the first time dad grounded me.

I picked Saddy out and started into her green humiliating eyes. The pink smile perfectly painted on the shining plastic made her look happier than I was. How unlucky for her.. How can a doll named Saddy not be sad? I held her head and twisted it around until I heared it crack. I raised her arm until it broke off her body, I twisted the two ugly legs and ripped them off too.
“There you go Saddy, you can be sad like me now”

I walked up to the balcony clutching its pieces close to my body. Giving it one last smile I flung it off the balcony watching it fly into the air and it’s pieces fall down hittin the roof of the abandoned hut in our backyard.

That would teach this piece of shit doll to never laugh at me again.

“Riley….!! Come say Hi to Aunty Yohani.. She has a surprise for you!” My mom yelled at the top of her voice!

I hated aunty fatass Yohani but surprises were my piece of cake!  I skipped down the stairs in my pyjamas.

To be continued…

© chaosxd 2017 • Harmony

Disclaimer: No doggies were hurt in the making of this series. Tippy’s wounds are healed and is doing fine now!