Lost in the light,
The cursed sparkles glow,
My sanity screams,
As my blood doth flow.

The voices mourn,
They’re in my head,
They suddenly whisper,
The secrets of the dead.

Melodies they hum,
And chant my name,
A familiar beginning
Of a losing game.

The heavens weep ,
As they feel me die,
They watch me burn,
unable to fly.

Unhear the screams,
Of eternal pain
My soul decays,
It’s happening again.

Two people inside me
Pulling the strings,
Melodies of insanity,
The caged bird sings.

The shutter falls back
Enjoy the switch,
My heart of gold,
To an ice-cold bitch!

© chaosxd 2017

PS:- I’ve missed y’all too!  

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