The sunlight was beaming through my window and I knew it was a new day when I woke up to silky pigtails brushing against my skin, soft little fingers clutching my arm. “I wanth thu speak thu mommy” Droplets of tears escaped her eyes. Her soaked eyelashes and  rosier cheeks gave away how much she had been crying.

“They’ll come back Cyn” 
I playfully pulled off the hairbands of her pigtails releasing her chocolate-brown curls that framed her doll face and got out of bed. Her little mouth still wiggled to set free her waterworks and a crying baby sister didn’t seem like a fun way to begin my day!

“Let’s play hide and seek” I tried to imitate fatass Yohani ‘s fake excitement suggestion and it seemed to work fine. She sniffed off the tears that were threatening to pour out. Phew, that badass save though! This wasn’t so bad after all. “Let’s make this fun. Let’s hide and we’ll prank aunty Yohani into thinking  we’ve been kidnapped.” 

Cynarah’s eyes brightened for a moment and faded back into her poop mood.
“Buth ..but.. wouldn’t she be angwy?” 
“Awh come on Cyn! She said it was all-play-days for us”Little girls were so silly and easy to convince! We rushed downstairs in our pyjamas. I had to find her fluffy bunny flip-flops before we crept out of the kitchen door. Aunty Yohani was watering moms rose bed which she definitely loved  more than she loved me.

I placed my finger on my lips signalling Cyn to keep it low while I tiptoed into the wooden hut behind our house. I held the door open so she wouldn’t make it creak too much when she came in. “Let’s tie ourselves up.” Cyn was so excited she had already crossed her wrists and held them towards me. I grabbed a roll of red ribbons from mom’s old crafty basket that sat on a dusty table.

“Turn around”
I whispered.  Pulling her arms behind her I tied her wrists together. The Ribbons were slipperier than I had anticipated but I did a good job with the knots. I carried her and sat her on the dusty table, my mind now zipped in excitement tied up her ankles too. I grabbed an old silk scarf from the basket and tied it tightly over her mouth.

I hadn’t warned her about the small bit of the plan I had in mind. I didn’t want to do it but I knew I had to.

To be continued..


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(4/4) and it still continues .. never trust the chaos! 😏✌